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well, i don’t really care if you want to use the name as listed on the artwork. i prefer one approach, but the only difference between the two approaches is better linking between different releases. it’s not incorrect, but you do lose a bit of information.
ideally, the database would be set up in a way that one track entry can have different titles, but i assume that’s not the case right now, so we’ll have to manage.
i’m not saying there should be a fixed rule. entries like that judas o acetate (use one track title, mention alternate title in extra info) can happily exist next to entries like the untitled acetates (list title as listed on release). not very consequent, but no harm done.

and it shouldn’t be such a problem to use only one name for the same song, i think: on both releases, it’s the same track (perfect electro breakbeat dub/perfect electro breakbeat mix instr.), with the same track length (6:09). i don’t see what needs to be solved there.
you can either correct the track length on \"mix instr.\" to 6:09, or you can get rid of that entry in the database and replace track 4 on the cd-r with the \"dub\" entry, which already has the correct track length. (either way, it would be nice if the incorrectly listed track length on the vinyl label was mentioned in the extra info of the vinyl promo.)

regarding those untitled acetates though, no matter what name the tracks are given here on (same as on the single release, or the names used on the acetate’s sleeve), it shouldn’t say that the mixes are unique if they aren’t.
i checked it, and they’re identical to the single release. if you want to double check this, please do. i can also upload flac rips, if needed.