Reply To: White Label Promo VS. Test Pressing: PLEASE HELP!

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white label promos typically come in record label sleeves.

true test pressings come in unmarked sleeves with usually just hand-writing on them, no printing what-so-ever.

Hut, however, likes to cause confusion…because I have seen similar sleeves (Standard Hut issue either black or blue) for both test pressings and white label promos.

Even vinyl etchings that match the standard release copies, have been found on both white label promos and test pressings.

In the end, it looks like whatever someone says it is … is a decent bet. Ask where people got their’s from … usually it will trail back to a radio station or something … the story is a good way to find out, plus people are usually honest about what they’ve been told it is, I haven’t seen anyone try and pass off Cherub WLPs as TPs … yet.

Not a lot of help I’m afraid … look for HUT Sleeves, stories behind items, and dj sheets are usually indicative of promos.