Reply To: White Label Promo VS. Test Pressing: PLEASE HELP!

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test presses are what it says – pressings to test the lathe, master plates, etc… look around @ especially at the Kylie and The Smiths sections and you’ll find some true TPs – studio in-house mastering plant TPs – often in nothing but a simple sleeve, hand written labels, made to check the quality nothing more nothing less.

white label promos are made to promote the record – as with HUT these come in generic HUT sleeves, sometimes in oversized and uncut artwork (proof) sheets, with or without a promotional sheet like a bio or track sheet or something. not for in-house use (only). these are white label for some legal matters i strongly believe and i can look it up somewhere ah well there you have it: [url:3stv8o2y][/url:3stv8o2y]

it can be confusing sometimes i know, but hte main difference is the intended use so provenance should do the trick and tell you all you need to know.