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OK, cool. Finally we are getting somewhere with this… Thanks Sven!

Still a few questions though.

A. Where would the Town House Post Production cd for Mark Goodier (the 1/1 pumped up version of Cherub Rock) fit in then? Test pressing? Or media promo?

B. And what about the BBC Transcription discs? Sven, I remember you once told me they are glass masters, but used straightaway for radio broadcast. Normally, from the glass master a father cd will be created, from the father cd a mother (mirror) cd will be created, and from there the son cds, or stampers, will be created, which are used for the actual cd production.* With other words, should the list maybe be:

1. studio master (used for vinyl & cd production)
2. glass master (cd only)
3. acetate (vinyl only)
4. test pressing (both vinyl and cd, stay at the factory, band, label or otherwise \"inhouse\")
5. media promo (WLP, watermarked cds etc)


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