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More info from a Gibson Exclusive interview with Jeff:

\" What other musicians would you like to share the stage with?
That´s a frightening question. If I ever felt like I was good enough playing with these guys, my first choice would be John Mc Laughlin. He combines fluid, intense playing with this whole spiritual element. I really love Jeff Beck, I think he would be fun to play with. I also would love to share the stage with Yngwie Malmsteen, the shredding king. Actually we tried to get him to play with the Samshing Pumpkins, but he said he was in the studio and unfortunately couldn´t make it. You never know… We try to invite a lot of people to jam on our shows. Uli Jon Roth for example joined us for a few gigs. Actually it seems like Tommy Lee will join us for the Australian Dates.\"

Down Under, prepare! :D

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