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Hey Sparky, welcome man. And thanks for your email! You explained the feelings of the average innocent collector pretty well, so I thought it is worthwhile publishing your message here also, including the follow-up action you have in mind. Hope you don’t mind!

I think it would be a good idea to ask about the background of the boot. Where did it come from, where was it pressed, how and where did they order it and from which company did they buy it? How many copies are around, in what quantities could it be ordered? You can tell the seller it is not on the official ordering systems, so how the heck did they get it anyway? Would be very interesting to know. But you can expect some dodgy behaviour I guess…

I would feel pretty shit also knowing this MCIS vinyl was a boot, expecting it to be the real thing. Good luck Sparky!

(which reminds me of a boot cd I once bought in 2000/2001, the \"Towers Records promo\". Boy, did I feel being ripped off when it turned out to be a home-made CD-R… :roll: )

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