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Well, I went back to the record shop and talked to the guy that sold me this album. He seemed surprised when I told him it was a bootleg, and honestly wasn’t attempting to rip me off. He didn’t accept returns, but I understand. He actually believed that the Pumpkins came out with a new pressing, which I could understand as well.

I started probing where abouts he got this, which he was reluctant to give me too many details. He said he got this Pumpkins album from his normal supplier in Europe, (quite possibly in the Netherlands or Belgium). This unfortunatly doesn’t tell us much, since the supplier could certaintly have gotten it from another source. He said he got it recently as well. I go to this shop quite often just to browse, so maybe I can dig a little more another day.

so I’m still debating to keep this or not, would anyone here be interested in buying it?