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i actually hear a lot of zeitgeist in this album. also tfe and early teargarden. i like the teargarden style, but on oceania, it’s pushed to the back and it doesn’t really shine.

i much prefer listening to the first 10 tracks of teargarden to oceania. they have this tremendous building crescendo effect when listened to in sequence. for me, at least. they are goddamn good. :)

and oceania (the album) can be part of teargarden, but so far, it doesn’t fit. the mood shifted, the atmosphere. it’s a little boring in parts.

again, back to pop. one pop song at a time, upbeat, fun, happy, no real concept. not everything has to be the first of its kind or pushing boundaries. it’s like if einstein found the formula e=mc2, but then tried to fuck with it every 5 years or so, just to say he’s doing something different. oooo, e=mcII, how clever and brilliant!

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