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yeah: go ahead and enjoy the song if that’s what you feel like, sure thing. :)

your saying \"it’s still a good song\" is a much of value or lack thereof as my critique that it’s below BC’s par, pretty much shite and sadly a sorry excuse for a smashing track…

just try to take into account the hype and grand stories BC’s been telling about this new record, his speeches about the music industry and the state thereof now et cetera… ok, fair enough, and here we go… back he comes with this… to me this song begs the obvious rhetorical questions I raised: in what or whose universe does BC think, really think and feel, Being Beige is the big, massive, smashing comeback tune that will make everybody sit straight up and pay attention in a positive way? that is pretty much totally beyond me. not only because of what’s around musically in rock or whatever, but because of the song itself, the mix, the production et cetera. and with the universe I mean BC’s…

still: the album could be a wholly different story altogether.

oh and by the way: please don’t imply things I haven’t said, like yearning for a return to the 90s or whatever… p-p-please… as that’s by far not what i was or am saying.

but remember this: back in the 90s with the disfunctional family TSP was, D’Arcy was around and – BC has said so much himself – she was one of the very few people capable of telling him he was full of shit and thus keeping a very strict level of \"quality control\" in terms of keeping matters in check… this is not to advocate a return to those difficult times or a comeback of D’Arcy. this is to say however that i have the feeling a D’Arcy-like figure is very much so missed in more recent times when it comes to BC’s releases.

oh well.. it’s just pretty amusing to read the blind adoration… dedication to TSP is what brings us here, so that’s a good thing… :)