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I think the two are friends. It looks like JS is a friend of Kerry’s, by the looks of the messages they send each other on twitter. So it’s highly likely that billy would have interaction with Jessica. I’ve read on other boards that billy was in NY for his upcoming book and to do press for Teargarden and Jess was there for seeing her sister in ‘chicago’. They probably hung out that night. If they are dating, I have no idea, but I doubt they are. I don’t mind Jessica, I think she seems like a nice girl… I wouldn’t doubt that there is a possiblity Jessica might have a crush on Billy. I just think Billy might be into another/other girl(s) by the looks of twitter accounts. These gossip sites keep saying close sources are mentioning they are dating, but who are these close sources??? Made up? Nothing really adds up to them dating…but if they are then more power to ’em. Just my two cents…case closed.