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Hey Lara, nice to see you here. Welcome on board! Just a quick note of what I can find about it (as this unnumbered release is not on our SPfreaks site yet to compare the pics), but this is what SPFC says.

\"In late 1998, the MCIS 3LP was repressed. The new pressing is unnumbered (leaving the number box empty), and the sleeve is made of flimsier material.\"

As the one you just saw today doesn’t have the number box, you either found a slightly different version of this 1998 repress, or a bootleg indeed. I couldn’t tell more I’m afraid. But I’m sure 1 of the hardcore vinyl collectors here will fully answer this soon. There are quite a few here on this little board already.

In the meantime maybe you could tell us if the vinyl labels of this unnumbered version are the same to your numbered version (colors, text, artwork)? And about the sleeve, did you notice anything particular/strange? Maybe your answers helps to detect the authenticity of this album.

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