Reply To: What is the latest Pumpkins related item you bought? (cont.)

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yeah, i kind of think these aren’t $100 rare, only because they are marketed by, BMG? or whoever. as opposed to the teargarden promos that were marketed by rocketscience? and martha’s music? i can’t remember this shit anymore.

point is, more $ behind it. i’d expect a bunch more, but i guess we’ll see.

i found it somewhat disappointing that their own twitter account tweeted a link to their new song and less than 300 people retweeted/favorited ALL DAY. that’s pretty bad considering julian casablancas tweeted something about redbull being cocaine and it was retweeted/favorited like 800 times in a matter of minutes. someone has to get on this marketing horse. whomever is in charge is failing the music horribly.

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