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Where did the tracklist go in the collection? Am I missing something here?

For example, this copy of Pisces Iscariot:
Instead of a tracklist, I see all different recording sessions that have produced at least one song that ended up on this cd. However, we then see the full “setlist” of these recording sessions. Which of those tracks are actually on this cd? (And in what order?) Nobody knows.

On top of that, if you select one song from a recording session, we then see on the right hand side:
– “Also available on”
– “Tours & recordings”
Very nice, but maybe a bit heavy to automatically load the page of a cd with all this extra information?
Also, “also available on” doesn’t seem to return the correct items. For the first recording session of Pisces Iscariot, “Apathy’s Last Kiss” is selected as the first song. This results in a huge list of items that (mostly) don’t contain “Apathy’s Last Kiss”. What is going on here?