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I’ll tell you why not:

If you’re after the sound on vinyl, why would you settle for a bootleg, where you have no idea where this “sound” comes from?

Most of these bootlegs are just an attempt to cash in on the fact that the original record is very rare.
Bootleggers typically don’t really care that much about sound quality. My guess is that they just took the cd, and used that to make the vinyls. (If you use a cd to make a record, you completely lose all the advantages of “sound on vinyl”.)

Another option is that they transferred the audio from one of the original records. (And then most likely processed the audio, to clean it up a bit.) This also isn’t very interesting, if you want audio quallity.

It’s always possible that the original vinyl was sourced from a cd, although I find that unlikely. In that case it doesn’t make much of a difference, but the point still stands: you’re not getting the “sound on vinyl”, as it’s cd sourced.

Or maybe the bootleggers got their hands on the original audio, mastered for vinyl, or on the original pressing plates. Once again, unlikely. Who would give it to them?