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oh, don’t worry, i won’t forget. 🙂
i still remember finding out while typing an email to you. i didn’t bother retyping it, so you can see it happening. heh.

these are from 8 february 2012.

me, 6pm:
siamese dream vinyl.

scans labels: see attachments.

matrix codes:
5099967929016 Siamese Dream Disc 1 Side 1 A+R Dallas SPGII S-27899 RE-2 25.15.21
5099967928910 Siamese Dream Disc 1 Side 2 S-27900 RE-2 13.25
5099967929016 Siamese Dream Disc 2 Side 1 A+R Dallas SPGII S-27901 RE-2 13.25
5099967929115 SIAMESE DREAM DISC 2-SIDE 2-Re1 S-27902 RE-3 2.3.5 25.15.21

weird matrix codes. not very consistent. but this is what’s on the records.

you, 8pm:
Cool, thanks.  Those matrix codes are indeed very strange…???

me, 9pm:
especially those numbers at the end. they’re not on the gish vinyl.

i was wondering if they were maybe some code. as no number is higher than 26, maybe each letter stands for a letter in the alphabet. (1=a, 2=b, 3=c, …, 26=z)
for disc 1 side 1, “ 25.15.21” would stand for “fuck you”. hmmm… this can’t be a coincidence. let’s check the other ones.

oh gee. i think i’ve cracked the code. i wonder who’s behind this.

the other ones are: “suck my dick”, “lick my pussy”, and “bce love you”.
this probably means that the last one should start with 23.5 instead of 2.3.5, so the result would be “we love you”. but i’ve double checked, and it definitely says 2.3.5. oh well.

i don’t know what to think of this. “lol”?
would every copy of siamese dream on vinyl have the same codes?