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well, here’s another twist.  pcorgan noted his sealed copy with a sticker (0 17046 7559 1 7) does not contain the words “printed in the USA” at the very bottom.  which is even MORE confusing when referring to bram’s research on the barcode ownership.  why would a copy with the sticker used to denote the US ownership NOT contain the words printed in the USA on it?

so there appears to be a whole mess with the original adore pressing.  i found a copy exactly like his on eBay (not sealed) and just bought it, so i’ll get to scanning all the different versions (including reissues) over the next month or so.

if anyone has scans of the “signed” BC reissue, that’d be cool.  i think i’d only need the front, right?  i didn’t buy a copy of that due to the outrageous price and was broke at the time.

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