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i’ve checked my own copies.
my first copy says “printed in the USA”.
the two later copies are still sealed, and don’t have the “printed in the USA”…
funny. i’ve never noticed this difference before. the rest looks identical. (sticker with release code on the front, release code on spine, etc.)

all three copies have the sticker with the new barcode on the back.
however, on one of the two sealed copies, the font used on the barcode sticker is different than the font on the other two. weird! it’s the same barcode though.

i also want to add that “printed in the USA” probably only refers to the sleeve, and not necessarily to where the records were pressed. we should keep that in mind.
if i’m not mistaken, there’s another SP album that always says “printed in Canada” (was it pisces iscariot? i remember some inner sleeve mentioning canada), even though it was (probably?) pressed in the US.