Reply To: List time: owners of US Machina II Virgin in-house promo cds

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some of these went on ebay recently.
were any spfreaks members the seller or the buyer?
isn’t it a bit weird that so many copies suddenly pop up in such a short time? (well, not that many at all, but way more than normally, i think.) any chance someone is bootlegging these?

does this influence our estimate of how many copies of this set have ever been made? (did someone say 10? that seems too low now.)

check it out:

31 December 2016 CR-01 $107.50
not a bad deal, in my opinion.
note that this copy was sold in 2001 in amoeba records for only $14.95. the old sticker is still on the cd case. lol!

9 March 2017 (same seller for all auctions) CR-01 $301.21 CR-02 $255.00 CR-03 $310.00 CR-04 $384.79
so $1251 for the full set. whoa!

17 March 2017 full set $870
not in very good condition. one of the cds looks damaged. “whoa” again.

that was just a very quick search. maybe there are more? if you see more, please post.