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I put in the high bid on CR03. I saw the others go for a high amount and thought “man, fuck those other freaks – this freak is gonna get a step closer to completing his collection!”
After the auction, and although I wouldn’t have regretted buying it, I wondered if the other winning bids were from the same buyer. I wouldn’t like any sets to be split up,  so I asked the seller on ebay (I’d like to take this opportunity to accept the 2017 Spfreaks Heart of Gold Award). He said they were from the same buyer, and that he had left a note on the invoice for me saying that the other buyer would like to contact me. I was thinking he could have a complete set and maybe I could make a quick hundred bucks/quid. When he mentioned a possible trade, I said that I was looking for the daughter flexidisc. He had it, and I agreed to just buy it off him and cancel my bid on the CR03 cd. So at least you know that that complete set is still together.

The flexidisc is now with me and I’m very pleased! I wanted it more than the cd set but hopefully they’ll be another chance in the future to get the machina ii cds for a more reasonable price. I know that there were more flexis pressed than the cd set but the last time I had known of someone obtaining one was you, Cream, I guess nearly ten years ago. I’d only actively been looking for one for the daughter discs for the last couple of years though and hadn’t seen any for sale.

I see that the tatty set has been up for auction twice since. I wonder why the buyers cancelled the sales. I made a lower bid for them when the first sale was cancelled but the seller was expecting more from other buyers. So if you’re reading, the offer’s still open. 🙂