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Hi guys,

Very old post, but I have a few questions.
As far as I know the earliest SP tape Joe Shanahan owns is the 5 song tape:
My Eternity
There It Goes
Screaming (live)
Bleed (live)
Armed to the teeth (live)

As far as I know it’s the only tape that has “My Eternity” studio version.

I remember in 2009 I sent an email to Joe regarding the first tape he was given and he sent me a picture of this 5 song tape.
However, I’ve heard from other sources that have heard unreleased songs on Joe’s office (crawl, greta garbo, lock me up).
I was living in IL at that time and was decided to go visit his assuming he would’ve confirmed he has these unreleased songs.
Since he only confirmed the tape with the 5 songs I decided not to pay him a visit since all of the 5 songs I’ve heard already.

The question here is if this exact tape has more songs that haven’t been labeled on the demo?