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So I posted a comment to Veronica Grey’s myspace site, citing the clip that YESH gave us. Of course, she can filter out comments so I assume she will not approve it for viewing. I also sent her an email, so at least she has to open it to get rid of it. She also has discontinued that page for her \"new\" one (w/ the last name of corgan in it) but I draw the line at asking her to be my friend again just for the sake of seeing what she has to lie about daily.

I then logged on to my myspace fan site and sent a bulletin that contained everything I had written to her, along w/ the YouTube clip and the date (showing that he said this *long* after the supposed wedding). So it is my hope that all my friends who have fan sites on myspace are happy to know the truth.

I’m so glad to know for certain she is a fraud. . but I actually feel sorry for her in the sense that I think she has herself convinced this is true.

You can see her old page at:

If she posts my comment, I will maybe have 1% of respect for her.

BTW, the song on this page is her band and it sounds like a lousy rip-off of 1979 w/ a horrible woman’s voice. Yikes.