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So i was trying to be creative.. it may have backfired?? I was thinking 20th anniversary right? so like.. every one in their right minds would say.. well lets reflect on 20 years of pumpkins.. i thought not only was this too nastalgic.. it was cliche.. so instead of a poster reflecting.. i did a poster progressing.. and instead of a track list with all the songs they skip through anyways.. i made a tracklist with songs that have probably never been played live.. ever.. who knows.. hopefully this idea of a 20th anniversary reflecting the \"FUTURE\" of the pumpkins will work.. my poster is the white one with all the faces on it.. i feel the brown with the angels is AWESOME.. the tree is dope too but a little too… happy?? i donno.. wish me luck it was a journey of self exploration in itself making this package.. its win win.. thanks everyone.

P.S. I did, however, acknowledge this idea of acknowledging the idea of the history of pumpkins… sooo i DID hide symbols from all the years of the pumpkins within every inch of the poster.. your welcome.

P.S.2. I also hid a demented chicken embryo in there.. try and find it =)