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Try and hold a conversation with them.

OR even better! When they ask for the head of household (or whoever) say you’ll just get them. Do not cover the receiver, so that they can hear you, then yell angrily to nobody (pretend like you’re trying to get someone) like "OY! [head of household]! THE PHONE!" Occasionally swear at the ‘person’ and tell them to stop doing something gross (preferably sexual) at the top of your voice. Carry this act on for about 3-5 minutes, then go back to the receiver and say that the person is unavailable in your original, regular voice. See if they’ve hung up!

Or, try and sell them a product. If they ask if you’re interested in buying something, say no, but say you’ve got a great that you’d like to sell to them. Act like a telemarketer.

Or, try and haggle. But in an old fashioned style. Like offer them a goat or something.

Or, and I’m pretty sure this would work really well, just breathe heavily. Do not say anything. Just try and scare them by breathing slowly, and heavily.[/quote:19o7wlci]

hmm, not bad. i think i might try some of those. :lol: