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yeah, but don’t you think it’s possible that billy referred to these ADATs as "cassettes" too? they’re also cassettes.
or do you think they checked 700 cassette tapes, like the ones you and i used to play in the 80s (and way into the 90s)? on top of the massive amount of DATs, ADATs and whatnot? and if so, why only check the compact cassettes to check what’s in the vault, and not the DATs, ADATs and other formats?[/quote:28tnyv2i]

i don’t think so.

ADAT is full hard disk multichannel recording… they might have transferred some to CD(R), but i guess not to tape… it needs mixing too as it’s the clean SBD multichannel pre-fader mix.

i guess he does have a massive amount of jams, rehearsels, shows, demos etc on cassette.

the DATs and especially the ADAT’s in the vault are a massive amount of data to go through. start with the decaying analogue first i guess.. ??? :)