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and congratulations, arthur, on scoring that perfect promo. i wanted that so bad, but i’m happy for you. :([/quote:7d926si7]

I guess it’s my lucky day today…

Mellon Collie jukebox went my way also, and all 4 of them cost me 11,21 bucks ex shipment. :wink:[/quote:7d926si7]
Like I said a few minutes ago… :lol:

Thank you Cool As Ice Cream. I was REALLY lucky here, because I woke up this morning at 7:15 somewhere, made myself a coffee and a breakfast and refreshed the forum posts a bit later before I went to go shower. Normally I try to welcome the new members asap, and kittykat posted this just a few minutes before that… I have never seen that Perfect promo before. Must be pretty rare I guess. Also very happy with that BBC disc of course.

And I’m pretty sure I left you guys enough goodies, you should see his whole collection list. Dazey, this list of kittykat contains as much booties as genuine rarities, I think you should check it out also. Also I’m glad kittykat didn’t go somewhere else first to offer this extremely cool collection. He could have gone to eBay also you know… (Why didn’t you, kittykat?)

On a sidenote, today I had a nice chit-chat with kittykat, as he happened to know 1 of the other founders of SPfreaks also…

kittykat, you rock! 8)

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