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On Sven wrote:
THe last one that hit eBay, how much did it go for. 200-300 dollars, can you remember that ?[/quote:3sekwycc]
Yeah, way over 200 if I’m right. It has never been different, it was always very expensive. After all, it is their first CD single.[/quote:3sekwycc]


i totally agree with Arthur here-

but, err—

what happend to the way I used to deal way back when????

i could wait for an auction and pay top dollar and stuff—

i coukd go out and try to find the stuff-

meet other people online, check with them, their offline outlets and stores-
do the same in your country, swap stuff, get this for this person; he will try to see what he or she can find for you-

i was in Brussels, Belgium two weeks ago-
i did mention it here-
dead center there’s a record store that was then selling the SIYL 12" promo-

stuff like that-
that how I got my SIYL 12"-
how I got my other gems-

even more so-
way way way way more effort went into my getting the demo tapes and stuff-

from the uk and befriending peeps online-
i got some items-
as via the USA-
as they did from me-
as Holland got some special stuff too which was readily available here in store(s)-

We stll don’t know the numbers for the Siva CS of the Siva CD, both AUS, but-
Australia is kinda like HUGE!!!!
So – common knowledge says-
It’s not gonna be like 100-1000 only….
There are bound to be copies somewhere!

Get to work if you want one!!!!


this anecdote from my collector’s history might be kinda "cool" and/or may serve as a testament-

one time-
as a collector-
i had all i needed and wanted-
per my idea of collecting-
just not the demo tapes-

per my research i found a guy with a copy of the TSP demo tape-
the first one that is-
as per then I had a one on one dub on cd of the TSP tape to listen to-
he however told me this tape was dubbed over per accident by his little sister-
this tape had Michael Jackson on one side / TSP on the other-
I bought it, for a genuine ok price-
a few weeks later, through the same guy and some mails and calls-
I found a guy with an original tape-
(turned out to have been signed way back when too!!!)
The "Jackson" tape I sold on, without taping over Jackson (nobody would have noticed on my decks)
The signed tape is a priced gem now in my collection-

What I am trying to say is-

Both guys were from Chicago, close to TSP? NOPE!
These guys were close to music in THOSE days!
As such and thru bands from then I found them-
And found these tapes.


Don’t wait for eBay-
Think for yourself and how it works-
And get a move-on!

It works!


Do your best and there will be even more stuff popping up….

I mean-
Who would have thought I’d have a very old demo from a somewhat obscure band we all don’t know about somewhat between The Marked and TSP on my PC (one track only) – which only came about my deep deep deep deep deep research into those areas??

I mean-
Why should or WOULD a guy from The Netherlands OWN a tape, THE TAPE (for as much as we know as per still now, untill Frank Q tells me he has the master in the Archive – BC told me he didn’t, that’s why I gave him a dub on CDR from the tape) featuring the VERY FIRST EVER TSP RECORDNG (as per BCs own admission and recognition and more and that’s why he told me immediately then and there, as via taking me apart a little: I don’t have this; Sven: this IS the very first song we EVER did…) ….

I mean-
This is NOT meant to compliment myself-
As it’s been an accomplishment of chance, vision, effort et al…

This IS to say-

If I can to THAT-

Surely in getting to know peeps down under-
You can unearth a Siva CDS or CS!!!!!


OK- one hint then-

I didn’t exactly peruse of use the TSP-communtiy-
Why would I?
Looking for the demo tapes?!
These where like sold at shows with like Jane’s Addiction and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult-
That’s how-
Move beyond and get beyond your expectations ;)

That’s all –

Good luck!!!!