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On some pumpkins wrote:
Wear a ridiculous hat so we can all find you in the crowd![/quote:3hr3cut5]
please do…or make an SPfreaks sign…lol[/quote:3hr3cut5]

ooo yeah make an spfreaks sign! that would be so cool :lol: i bet that would attract the cameras heehee :)[/quote:3hr3cut5]
I bet Billy would be smiling with a sign up for him like for us :wink: but he don’t know that..or maybe he does :wink:[/quote:3hr3cut5]

i’ll borrow my freinds "cat in the hat" hat and make a sign and stand in the back. let’s hope the kimmel ppl wont take it away. and if i get to talk to billy afterwards, of course i’ll tell him about the site.

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