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and why do you have so many copies of that vinyl collectspumpkins? :wink: did you run a store or something?[/quote:2e1xhgws]

Hahahaha…I wish. I was fortunate when a lot of the items came out that I had some good friends that ran some music stores that gave me some nice volume discounts (hence why I had over 25 copies of MCIS numbered). But with this, you may or may not know, HUT originally only listed that there were going to be 5000 copies made of this single. But like so many other items, they just kept making the things. So I ended up getting stuck with more than I wanted. Plus I didn’t know the band would call it quits 2 years later.

In the end, I thought I’d be able to trade these for other items, but that never materialized. So now I have a nice closet full of Ava Adore 7" singles…heh. So who knows, maybe someone will buy a few of them.