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I saw that auction for the DVD set and was hesitant to bid, since the seller him/herself wasn’t sure if these were true promos. There is no press sheet or anything and the DVDs are the same ones in the commercial release, just in a paper sleeve. So for all we know, the DVD box could have been damaged and this is what the seller had left…..but a good price regardless.

I like the Zwan 5 track promo.

I wish I could find one of the Zeitgeist 5 track watermarked listening party CDs…….[/quote:25hk35l8]

I bought IAGW off a website that sells mostly promos. I have been buying promos from them for years, so I figure it would be a promo since I also saw the auction for the DVDs. I believe Authur picked one of them up off ebay. Anyways for $7 you can’t go wrong (no pun intended).