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[We don’t wanna know, I’m afraid. :P

All we want to know is: did you find any rare Smashing Pumpkins releases in Italy? If so, did you buy them? Or were you too occupied by that silly, insane, sweet boyfriend of yours? Wouldn’t suprise me… :lol:[/quote:3uafokun]

You got no choice, ill tell it anyway. :P
A couple of weeks ago, boyfreind and i had a pizza, were we both to lazy to cook anything, then he began bitching how crappy the pizza was, i said, this stuff is good, he replied Danish pizza is crap, you should try a real real pizza, i was like wtf are you talking about.Before i continue, my boyfreind is half italien and got family in Rome.Anyway i said to him well i would like to try it oneday, are you going to make me one, no he said.What about your mom i said again, yes ill ask her he said.All this was 2 weeks ago.
So last weekend he asked me. Ayoe, are you going to work this friday (last friday) i said no, no deadlines etc,
why you ask.What about we going for a picninc this friday if the weather is great.Good idea i said.
So that silly guy woke me up friday morning at quater to 5 and said wake up Ayoe, i was like, for fuck sake have you seen what the time is, its not even 5 in the morning.Check this out and waved with 2 pieces of papers and asked me if i wanted to go to Rome and have a pizza.I woke up and was crying because he was so sweet, yet insane and silly, so we took the plain to Rome and got back last night.
We visted some of his family and went out for a pizza as well.I must say the "real" stuff is the best and i want to go to Rome again soon!! Rome is great city i think.

No Arthur, no cd hunt at all, hopefully next time. :wink:

In loving memory of Bimbolin.