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I want a boyfriend that will take me to Rome to eat lasagna! :lol: [/quote:3eylzmbq]
Funny that you mention lasagna… I’m not the biggest chef myself (luckily my gf is, she is a great chef! 8) ), but the other weekend I wanted to surprise her so she didn’t have to cook. So I made… a great lasagna, homemade and all, with fresh ingredients (vegetables, mushrooms, huttenkase, italian salami slices, a great sauce…). The bloody thing was almost 2 kg I guess, and we dropped from the table afterwards, and could only roll ourselves slowly through the living… Only a little corner of the lasagne was left behind on the table. Hehehehe! :wink:

Anyway… maybe next time you will do the cd research in Rome then, Ayoe. Meanwhile, enjoy! :lol:[/quote:3eylzmbq]

I LOVE italian food… probably my favorite. Well I love indian food as well… and chinese.