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I’m not sure I’m following you CAIC
he met her way back then? years before she became the bassist?
Did she know how to play bass? I’m lost now…
I read way too much stuff…wasn’t there some article posted about how he knew he wanted her to be the bassist?
I can’t remember with everything that has being going on in life lately
please someone fill me in again….[/quote:3tf2z8yi]
gosh, i’m too lazy too start looking for the source. but what i remember is, approximately, that sp played montreal and melissa was in the audience. a friend of melissa was really drunk and acting badly and billy reacted to him (not sure if he attacked him). afterwards melissa came up to billy and apologized for her drunken friend.
dunno. that’s when they first met. i doubt that’s how they really got to know each other though. aka, melissa definitely remembers, billy probably too, but a bit less…

now if someone else remembers hearing this story too, and would be kind enough to dig up the source, that would be great. otherwise i’ll start doubting my sanity. thank you very much.