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As for me, I’ve been on a buying binge of late. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I will tease one item that is being shipped to me currently. It is rare, it isn’t on this site, and it is the 3rd "version" out there and I wasn’t aware of it, until I was sent a picture of it and yelled "holy shit!" at my monitor. ;)

The suspense… the suspense… :twisted:

(*me, walking to my desk… opening the drawer… taking that Colt Defender .45 gun… pointing it at my head… pulling the trigger… not shooting though… putting the Colt back on its’ place…*)

… is almost killing… :lol:

Good job Shawn, I’m very curious what it is!! Could it be En Concierto En Mexico? If so,… 8)

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