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Numbered one?? I would wager that a numbered one would be fake, to be honest. It isn’t ECIM, as I’ve already owned that previously. This is something I’ve never owned before and again, we know of 2 different versions, and the one I will be receiving will make it the 3rd version out there.[/quote:16zpxpce]
there are two different versions on the numbered one looks suspicious. it also has logos from virgin and hut on the back. very strange.

apparently there is a reason to believe it’s real anyway, because it’s listed under the official cd releases instead of the bootlegs. if someone knows what that reason is, please let me know.
if the only reason is what is in the extra information ("As the glossy artwork is exactly the same as the other type, we presume it’s genuine.") then i think we should retract that reason, because the artwork isn’t exactly the same. the front seems to be a copy, so it indeed looks the same (but the colours are worse), but the back is not the same. both versions show a part of the adore cover (zoomed in), but they don’t show the same part.
and then there’s of course the fact that out of nowhere, there’s a hut and virgin logo, and the fact that it’s numbered. makes no sense to me.

version 1: … LS&item=78
version 2 (the suspicious one): … S&item=991