Reply To: How Many 1991 Gish Vinyl Versions Exist?

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i’m surprised you thought there was a ’91 US version, derek. surely you would have been able to get your hands on a copy by now, if that was the case. no?

same goes for lull, right? this was only pressed by hut in the UK. there never was a US version.[/quote:1z9wy7w3]

that’s the thing though. i was operating under the premise that it’s impossible to distinguish a 1991 pressing of gish from any subsequent pressings. the remaster is not mentioned like it is on the UK remaster, so it makes it rather difficult to tell when in the hell it was made.

i think your point about the matrix code is extremely valid and basically puts the nail in the coffin, but i just always thought there was an original US 1991 pressing. i guess i am finally proven wrong. :(

yeah, i’ve never seen a US lull. it doesn’t exist. no peel sessions either, but for some reason i never thought there was. ???

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