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i still need some recent US releases for my collection

i think this is what i still need:
[list:1nbyxmdv]oceania lp
pisces iscariot lp
mcis deluxe cd+dvd box
tafh lp[/list:u:1nbyxmdv][/quote:1nbyxmdv]
(got the tafh cd+dvd box in the mean time.)

does anyone know if sells the US version of the above releases? or do they sell the EU version for some/all of these releases? has anyone bought any of the above from what release did you get?
(i don’t need an answer for the tafh lp, as that release is US-only, worldwide.)

i’ve noticed canada sometimes has the EU version of some releases, and not the US one. at least, that’s what i seem to remember.