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i may be wrong here, but i also get the impression that nobody here is actually keeping up with the reissues like a proper freak.
by that i mean no blame. it’s just an impression.
some of us used to be all over a new release, collecting all the main international versions and promos within weeks. (i remember it used to be like that when zeitgeist and american gothic came out, for example.) now it seems like we’re all a bit slower, myself included.

i guess the reissues – even though they’re being released fairly slowly – are coming too fast, and are too expensive. you need a big wallet to stay on top of those.
and there must be other reasons. some people are less into the band, compared to a couple of years ago. that takes away part of the drive to collect.
and for me, the fact that i think some of the reissue prices are a rip-off, doesn’t help either. i don’t mind spending some money, but if i get the feeling i’m getting ripped off, i stay away.[/quote:3jpn6r1z]

i’ve been trying my best bram, but other opportunities are making it harder and harder to justify the amount i used to spend on the pumpkins. thankfully, the bottom dropped out on the collecting market, but even with that, the newer releases just are not dropping in price. i have time. i wish i could just buy everything and scan it in, but i can’t afford over $100 for the 5LP TAFH reissue box. even though i want it pretty bad!

and the small things, i keep a track as best i can on eBay and i don’t think they release to as many countries as before. if there is a weird country pressing, i pick it up. for example, i only have the US version of the oceania DVD, but also picked up a TH promo version as well because i assume it’s hard to come by. everything else i also assume will be easily attainable later on at ridiculously affordable prices. i hope so, anyway

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