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Hey tjackson80, sorry to see you sell off your collection, man! It’s an amazing set of stuff! Must have taken ages to collect, I’m sure. Will be kinda painful to let it go, I guess…

However, as you seem to have made up your mind about selling it, I’m interested in the following:

I’ll make you an offer later, as I’m off now on a little trip to our webmaster in Belgium.

Hey Arthur, yeah it’s gonne be a little painful, but more of a relief as I no longer have the time and energy to put toward this hobby. If you’re off to see Thom send him my greetings and let him know I’m selling things off, he might be interested in stuff. Also, if he’s getting rid of anything especially rare, let me know. I’m not completely out of the hobby, but I don’t need things that aren’t of special interest. I’m still keeping one RIAA award and most of my posters and test pressings ;)

Talk to ya soon.

ps: yes the condom is unused ;)
pps: the post has been edited to contain links to the two NL CDs I was unaware were in spfreaks