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Which is why i reckon we should have a keyword search on here!
I suggested it a while ago…[/quote:2lm5r2gd]
I know, and it’s a pretty good suggestion also, believe me. If you only knew what we are doing behind the screens these days… It’s not on top of our list now. However, looking up a specific CD in a specific country is still quite easy. Keyword search is mainly meant for the fields that are harder to find like matrix codes or individual descriptions per item.

Go here:

Set Country to NL and/or set Title to Mellon Collie (by clicking on the drop-down button, then type M to jump to the M section), click "Apply Filter" button and voila! Either you get all NL CDs, or all known Mellon Collie CDs, or just Mellon Collie from NL if it exists.

You can also learn the whole Collection by head, which is what I did… :wink:

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