Reply To: Request: Siamese Dream vinyl reissue matrix codes

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On Sven wrote:
My answer now is: he was not ‘allowed’ to ‘put his signature in the dead wax’, he was told so.
Suffice to say for what I know that it wasn’t his personal idea by any means.
Also: he didn’t know of the messages decoded until I told him what these spelled out.[/quote:19bvpbwn]
ooh. interesting.

so that guy from netphoria is right: people at the pressing plant just do as they’re told. they etch into the master whatever people ask them.

now the question remains: who asked for these coded messages to be added?
did someone somewhere in the chain between band and cutter try to add it sneakily?
was it requested properly, just like any band would request an extra message in the matrix code, by filling in the appropriate part on the appropriate form?[/quote:19bvpbwn]

If this was done as per a form or anything I do not know.
He just did what he was told, indeed.