Reply To: Request: Siamese Dream vinyl reissue matrix codes

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On Sven wrote:

"it was all legit"? what does that mean?
that the person who had to etch it only did it because he was told to do so? that these numbers were written on the form under "matrix code appendix (optional)"?[/quote:lwv8m1nm]

it means what i wrote.
this is what i learned.
and this is exactly what i was told: it was legit.
i can’t tell you if someone was told to etch these matrix codes or did it with some form of consent, explicit or implicit.
not because i was told not to say or something like that, but because i don’t bear any knowledge thereof.

just like i suspected, this is a major label release on highest of profiles and the chance this was not noticed or anything is rather slim.

at least now we know it was legit.
if this was a per the info you posted from Netphoria, i’m not aware, but i guess there’s a chance it was not wholly explicit consent, but the person cutting these vinyls was allowed to put an appendix in the dead wax / matrix code.