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two opinions on who could be responsible for this from

i’ve worked with pressing plants before and it’s not about approving the matrix codes. there’s only a certain amount of information that must be etched onto the outgroove. the rest of that information is provided by the band or someone working for the band on a form that is filled out with individual boxes etc you know the type.

so it’s not about approving the numbers so much as it is who decided that they be put there. it is least likely someone at the plant took it upon themselves to do this that would be too risky.

the guys pressing really don’t care what they’re pressing on the grooves they just do what they’re told. coded language or not.[/quote:165kb5oh]

I can guarantee that Kerry was never anywhere near or had any involvement with the pressing plates.

My guess is Billy pissed someone off big time. I have a feeling he drove who ever cut the lacquer nuts. Maybe he kept rejecting test pressings or something like that.

The fact that it is only on SD and not on Gish makes me think it’s not Billy. If it was him it would have been some grand plan to do it on all the reissues before he got tired of it.

Think of it like this. They master Gish, Billy makes them recut the lacquer twice for silly reasons. SD gets mastered Billy makes them recut SD, engineer get pissed hides a few extra numbers in the matrix.

This happened when they were cutting the lacquer it’s the only thing that makes sense.[/quote:165kb5oh][/quote:165kb5oh]

I now know who etched it into the ‘dead wax’ for the matrix codes.
It was all legit. That’s all I can say.