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Just my two cents… The unofficial box with official CDs should be in the unofficial category. The CDs are already listed as single entries, so nothing about this box makes them different (except the box, which is unofficial).[/quote:2pz7ykya]
i agree.

the way i see it: the box is unofficial, and i’d even consider it a separate "release". it can actually be bought separately.
it’s just that whoever sells these (probably different people who bought a couple of these boxes), fills them up with any combination of official releases (any country, etc.) they can get their hands on today. because of this, the link between the box and the content is rather random. i personally wouldn’t combine the content and the box into one entry. maybe just mention that it’s an unofficial release, that often comes filled up with officially released cds.

similar situation: that wooden siamese dream box is an unnoficial release, even though it doesn contain the officially released cd and booklet. (here too, different versions of the siamese dream cd and booklet have been found inside the wooden box. same thing happened: the company that produced the box, didn’t fill them up. they just sold the empty boxes to whoever thought they could make a profit out of them.)

but i’m sure thought has been given to this issue (official or unofficial), and that there’s a good reason/rule why these two releases are listed as "official".
i’d put them under "unofficial", to avoid all confusion. but that’s also just my two cents.