Reply To: Request: Siamese Dream vinyl reissue matrix codes

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thanks for checking, sven.

do you think billy knows about these?
who would be able to add these codes to the matrix code? does it have to be someone at the record plant? the person who mastered the record for vinyl?

i don’t think they serve any purpose. if they leave these numbers out, the matrix code would still contain enough information to do what it’s supposed to do.[/quote:2zro1vtc]

you’re welcome.

i don’t think so as these are not very TSP-like messages.

messages in the matrix code are known and usually these are done on purpose.
i think to know these are made when the master is cut first (the mother) by the mastering engineer i.e. the person who cuts the first vinyl, not the mastering engineer as per the final master mix per se.
but there might be a chance too these codes are stamped following the test pressing stage when the release codes are known and this might be done by the people making the final pressing plates for production.