Reply To: Request: Siamese Dream vinyl reissue matrix codes

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On Sven wrote:
If this was done as per a form or anything I do not know. He just did what he was told, indeed.[/quote:20fewc6c]
It would be interesting to see the latest version of that form… Then we would know if it was added "sneakily", or with the knowledge of everybody involved in approving the (pressing of the) release. And it is also quite funny to read that the master-cutter did NOT know the meaning of the numbers when he was asked (or ordered by the form) to etch them. :lol:[/quote:20fewc6c]

He didn’t mention any form. He just told me he was "ordered" to cut the numbers and didn’t know that these did translate indeed to these messages, until I mentioned it to him :)

I don’t think we will get a scan from a form or the instruction from the master cutter, at least, I think I know enough now and I trust him. Therefore I don’t think I can ask him to provide this kind of ‘proof’. I’ll go by his word(s) and per that the fact that he was told to do this and did.