Reply To: Request: Siamese Dream vinyl reissue matrix codes

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On Sven wrote:
tried to, got very far, but he will refrain from commenting, at least: that’s what i’ve heard / been told.[/quote:20kujnd8]
Same results here. I’m quite sure I use different communication lines (at least not THAT straight to the band), so I can’t tell if Billy really knows. I guess he does, but since we don’t know his actions (put someone to court for this, or giving it a smirky smile from his couch), we can only guess. Both type of actions will lead to a short term silence, I can understand that.[/quote:20kujnd8]

If I were BC and the label had ordered this and I would not be in the know I’d give them a good talking to and possibly even a public statement. The fact there’s a non-answer/statement from BC as per now, leaves me to think he was fully aware, just waited to see if someone would find out, had his fun about it and now is thinking maybe if this was too clever an act or not. Maybe then it’s best to just remain silent about it. And / or have private chuckle about it… :)