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wasn’t that rumour – that bc was upset about this – one of the main reasons to delete the tweet? and the start of the whole drama wave?
well, well…[/quote:skmotk8s]
Haha, good one. But no, not really. Maybe for 5% only. It is more complicated than that (and the details will remain in the board room), but it has to do with what we stand for, and what we want to reach in the long term, as a website dedicated to chronicle all items with the name Smashing Pumpkins. And I explained about that earlier on, where we can have spicy discussions and in-depth articles based on thorough research (and no ego will be safe there as long as it stays respectful in the outings, that’s a non-discussable rule), and where we want to attract fans, collectors, AND the band, since we need their first hand information. It’s a thin line sometimes, it’s about timing, and the platforms we provide as an independant non-commercial website, but it was good times to reflect on that again with the mods. :)[/quote:skmotk8s]

Amen to that.