Reply To: Request: Siamese Dream vinyl reissue matrix codes

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this one was ordedered to be this way as per the label. so, yeah well… this was intentional… :)[/quote:3p4f72qp]
well of course it was intentional. obviously.
it’s just not very clear whose intention it was.

and i don’t think bc not commenting on it means anything. he could choose to remain silent either way.
i think if he’s not behind it, aka the vandalism/graffiti scenario, he’d probably choose not to give this any extra public attention. it would be a bad move to make any statements about it. almost nobody knows about this, and he probably wants to keep it that way.
if he is behind it, he could confirm this. but if you look at the messages themselves, one can see why he would choose not to. or maybe he’s waiting until people have figured it out. unfortunately, he still hasn’t found out about that, as for some mysterious reason, nobody is reporting on this. ;)