Reply To: Request: Siamese Dream vinyl reissue matrix codes

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On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:
i don’t understand what you’re trying to say.[/quote:1fnn93ce]

OK I wil try again.
From what I’ve learned:
1- I know who cut the masters and therewith these matrix codes.
2- This person is extremely polite and gave me the information I asked for without any trouble.
3- He told me the whole of the release and mastering including the matrix codes as I asked about those specifically was "’legitimate".
4- He told me he’d never jeopardize anything with such a big release on his hands and was OK-ed to "put his signature in the Dead Wax".
5- There’s more, but I am not sure I am at liberty to talk about that in public, though nothing related to these matrix codes.

That’s why I said: it’s legit or legitimate. There’s for me at least no reason to doubt this person.
I can’t say if he was told to sign the matrix the way he did or that BC explicit or implicit knew of this ‘signature’ and the message(s) spelled out. I just do not know. I can try to check this though. And will.[/quote:1fnn93ce]
thank you for trying again.

so what exactly are you saying here? that this person is legit, that you have no reason to doubt his version?
or that these messages were legitimated, that this person was allowed to add them (by "someone")?
by mentioning "put his signature in the dead wax", you imply these hidden messages are his. correct?