Reply To: Request: Siamese Dream vinyl reissue matrix codes

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– so is it true that billy was upset when he heard about these? or is that an unconfirmed rumour? if not, who checked where?

– so this person was allowed to add his signature to the matrix code. it’s not clear who allowed him to do this.
— did it go all the way up to billy to give the ok (possibly without knowing what the extra numbers stood for)?
— or is it possible that someone above the master cutter gave the ok, but billy had no idea things were added?[/quote:2ywzgipo]

1 -> can not be. the label or BC told the guy cutting the master to do so. It was something that came down as per ‘order’ from the label and as such I think from BC. I am not sure though. Of course it could have been a fluke joke by the label, pranking BC, but with a high profile release like this it feels highly unlikely. Also: I’ve had some answers from EMI now and this does not seem to point in that direction. It does point in one direction: the digit code for the dead wax signature was ‘ordered’ as per se by BC.

2 -> yes. and: of course. as per the label and as such, I imagine, the artist, i.e.: BC.

3 -> I don’t think so. it was specifically ordered as per such and there’s been multiple moments of contact between the master cutter and BC too in a period over 18+ months working on these re-issues.